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How my time at salford business school prepares me for a career in marketing consultancy


Enrolling in salford business school has been the best decision I ever made career wise. Marketing has always been my career choice. My time at salford business school has been an eye opener for my marketing consultancy aspirations. The material delivery strategy in salford business school has prepared me to be a better marketing researcher. Assignments have been based on extensive individual research combined with lecturer’s guided process that ensures that one achieved the research objectives within the set time limit. Marketing consultancy requires similar design and delivery process as my studies in salford business school.

I feel well confident that any marketing related task shall be well within my scope of ability due to the salford business school experience.

The lecturers at salford business school themselves have been the best consultants in my marketing studies. Their articulation of marketing principles and guidance has equipped me with the necessary skills to be an effective marketing consultant.


The interaction between my fellow cohorts have provided me with an environment of consultative learning. I have been exposed to a global audience and network of future professionals. Salford business school has been the ideal environment for shaping my career as a marketing consultant.

As a result of my salford experience, I have set us a blog for my new marketing consultancy. Zing marketing agency shall be my vehicle to launch my marketing consultancy career and I do hope to use the salford experience to be the best marketing consultant in my region.

Salford business school has designed the units for mSc in marketing with the consideration of current developments in marketing. The search and social media unit is especially very relevant with the current digital age and with the emergence of e- marketing and e- commerce. Contemporary issues in consumer research as a unit also enlightens the student to be able to relate the factors around the marketing environment with any product or service offering to ensure that desired outcome is achieved and especially the role of family as a unit  and its effect on consumer behavior. Marketing consultancy as a profession requires the above tools to be able to deliver the relevant solutions to the prospective customer. The branding, communication and relationships unit has deepened my understanding of the importance of a strong brand as a marketing tool and the different relationships that exists in business environment and the importance of culture as a basis for which to develop themes for international branding, communication and business relationship development. Marketing and services management unit has equipped me with skills to critically analyze issues involved in strategic marketing management, how to appraise findings from research and develop awareness of tensions that exists between organizations, customers and the government. As a marketing consultant, one needs to be totally aware of the marketing environment dynamics and be able to develop strategies to ensure success within the fast changing business environment.

Salford business school is the place to be for research driven marketing, with their friendly material delivery mode and customized application of learning. I am now confident to say that I know I will make a good marketing consultant.




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